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About Us

ArmeniaGuide.com was launched in September 2000 as a non-profit web site with both original content plus links to only the best Armenian web sites on the internet. ArmeniaGuide.com has hundreds of photographs online and has a world of topics ranging from history to the arts to sports - nearly anything you can imagine! In addition to that we host online exhibitions of Armenian artists.

The original name of the site was “Hayastan.org” and it was later changed to “ArmeniaGuide.com” when the site was relaunched for more international recognition and appeal.
"There is no doubt – this is one of the best Armenian websites on the Net. There is either in house information or a link to nearly anything you can think of that has to do with the world of Armenianess... You can spend hours here and not come across the same page twice. This site is not to be missed." Armenian International Magazine (AIM)
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